Genetic Technologies: Solving Global Challenges (ABN/ACN 90952801237, GST incl.)

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Category Proficient Career Stage
Price: $500
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Location: Macquarie University & Online

Duration: 10 Hours

Start Date: 13/09/19

End Date: 18/10/19

Enrolment opens: 07/07/19

Enrolment closes: 28/09/19

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  • Discussion Forums
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Genetic Technologies: Solving Global Challenges (ABN/ACN 90952801237, GST incl.)


This course uses up-to-date research as a vehicle for addressing syllabus points and professional development of teachers at the proficient career stage. The use of current issues as a focus for teaching content and laboratory techniques is inspired by socio-scientific issues-based instruction. In this course, an inquiry-based teaching style will be employed which models the real scientific method of investigation and which will improve participants' engagement.


Level: Proficient Career Stage | Stage(s): 6

Academic speakers will introduce scientific issues and discuss approaches and genetic technologies or biotechnologies that can be used to address them. Such issues include genome editing to change DNA sequences, agricultural biotechnology in food security, and monitoring and implementing of threatened species conservation. Participants will experience simplified versions of laboratory techniques used by researchers, including DNA extraction and separation by gel electrophoresis and gene sequence alignment using bioinformatics tools. Finally, participants will discuss the research introduced by speakers, considering how this can be incorporated into classroom teaching. Participants will develop a lesson outline, based on addressing one of the questions raised by the speakers.

Course Details

Starting: 13 September 2019
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Mode: Face 2 Face (28 September 2019, 6 hrs) & Online (4 hrs)
Fee: AUD 500 (GST incl.) Please see Terms of Use & Enrolment

Course site opens two weeks before the workshop, and closes two weeks after the workshop to allow you to manage your workload in preparation and synthesis

 Participants will engage in facilitated online activities throughout the course

Learning Objectives

  • Develop plans for teaching and facilitation of scientific investigations that demonstrate the ability to use current, relevant research in the teaching of scientific concepts and techniques, including computer-based activities, simulations and models.
  • Learn and synthesize knowledge and information from the literature to teach concepts in biology (genetics) to conduct scientific investigations.
  • Engage with colleagues to plan, develop and evaluate teaching strategies and lesson sequences, provide and receive feedback and discuss issues in  current scientific research to improve professional knowledge and practice.

NESA Accreditation

Completing this course will contribute to 10 hours of NESA Registered Professional Development addressing 3.2.2, 6.2.2, and 6.3.2 from Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.